Resilient risk, crisis, emergency and continuity solutions

Resilient Results is the leader in providing solutions that will make your organisation more resilient.

We work with you to identify the most appropriate reviews, plans, training, exercising, equipment and software that will provide you with your desired outcome.

Why choose us?


We have worked with all levels of government, industries small and large as well as the NGO sector. We have worked and studied in our fields and are seen as industry leaders.


We listen, we repeat, and we listen again. We make sure we provide what you ask for, when you want it.


You probably don’t want a cookie cutter solution and we don’t like giving them. We work with you to give you the solution you need

Client feedback

"The application/thought process of this scenario was really useful as it was an unusual (but likely) scenario – that did test our BCP process"

Business Continuity Exercise Participant

Multi-stage training exercise participant

"Very useful to do this practice run-through so that all the team members could give feedback to each other, and it wasn’t so fast paced that you didn’t have time to give feedback to others"
Well run, well designed. It goes to show that individuals can make or break a response

Functional exercise participant

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