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We have been working with a range of organisations during their journey through COVID-19.  Whether it’s help with an action plan for the next phase, reviewing a business continuity plan, reviewing a response or mentoring, we can help you.

Has your organisation considered all the issues before moving large amounts of content or offerings online.   Download our FREE whitepaper

Canberra COVID Lessons
What lessons can be learnt from covid?

Have you taken any steps to manage COVID-19 in your business?  If so, now is the time to start a lessons management program to improve your post covid outcomes.Let us help you

To help businesses cope with the COVID-19 and the move to home based work, we have created a special series of Resilient Resources.

Hint 1 Online Team Meetings

Hint 2 Whiteboards and on-line Meetings

Hint 3 Choosing technology

"it's essential that managers have a trusted, knowledgeable and impartial third party to talk to right now to help gain bearings, share reservations, bounce ideas and road test directions before taking them to staff, board, peers or funding agencies."
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