Fuel and Volcanoes, an interesting week. The Result, Vol 1, Issue 2

Fuel and Volcanoes, an interesting week. The Result, Vol 1, Issue 2

What is “the Result” – its a weekly look at resilience issues that may have hit the headlines, but not in any great depth. Each week we search for news items, articles and opinion pieces that just don’t make the full cut in all the mainstream media. Where possible, sources are referenced for your further reading.

The unusually hot weather in Europe continues to cause pleasure and pain. In the middle of all the stories of festival weather and children in fountains, hundreds of flights were cancelled on Thursday as Schiphol Airport suffered from a fault in the aircraft refueling system.
The impacts on travelers, airlines and the airport itself were huge. On a busy summer holiday day (as it was), the airport would have seen the arrival, departure or transit of around 220,000 passengers. Depending on the source, up to 250 flights are reported to have been cancelled over the past 24 hours.



Malfunction of fueling system leads to disruptions at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Meanwhile, the eruptions of Mt Etna (Italy) and the Ubinas volcano in Peru seem to have barely made a dent in Australian media.
Mt Etna, Europes most active volcano, erupted this week with lava flows and large volumes of volcanic ash thrown into the air. On the other side of the world, the Ubinas volcano erupted resulting in the evacuation of almost 30,000 people and Peru’s government declaring a state of emergency.




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26 July 2019

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