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ISEE Online is incident simulation software specifically designed to help hospital and pre hospital management and staff effectively deal with incidents and full scale emergency management. ISEE Online allows you to test and develop plans and procedures, build skills and exercise for regular scenarios and the completely unusual. Train and exercise with staff, management and emergency services for incidents and emergencies. By simulating a realistic and engaging representation of personnel, resources, patients and infrastructure, students can be immersed in scenarios lasting from a few minutes to hours. Using the inbuilt mapping functions, ISEE Online integrates time and distance into your exercises. Train for major accidents, mass casualties and hospital disasters by integrating the logistical challenges of transporting patients and equipment between real scenes.


Design your training or exercising using our simple exercise management guidelines.  Decide whether to train and exercise one person through to a multi-agency response.


Using photos, plans or the inbuilt modules, build your floor plans or open spaces.


Position your buildings in map view to allow real response and transport times


Fill your world with people, equipment, vehicles, accessories, and exercise tools for your scenario.  With ISEE, you never run out of exercise pieces.


Identify the time taken for treatments, travel, administration, and movement.  No stopwatches here – the system starts times when the student makes the decision and records their actions

Add life

Add life to your scenarios with timed arrivals of patients, resources and help

Run your exercises

With ISEE, facilitators and participants can be anywhere there is an internet connection.  Run exercises with all the constraints of COVID-19, taking advantage of the communications technology you would use in a real event.

And run the exercise again

With ISEE Online, resetting an exercise is as simple as “stop” and “play”.  No need for hours of resetting pieces and checking everything is in the right place – once your exercise has been created it is ready to run whenever you need it.

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